Michael D. & Steven Meloan

Newington Blue Press proudly presents and announces the second and extended circulation of its chapbook number 1 (2021) – the collaborative / split work
by the Meloan brothers Michael D. and Steven – coming out and along in early June.

The first part of this second run contains even more song lyrics by Steven Meloan, most of them recorded and later performed in various clubs around LA by the band of Steve with his brother Michael D. – they also received quite a bit of play on college radio stations, and appeared on charts. Some of the airplay was outside the US.

Three of the songs can be heard in their studio versions here.

In addition, the title giving song «THE KIND THE PHARAOHS TRY» was used by Fashion TV as background for models on the catwalk.

The chapbook’s second part contains in this new circulation an even wider selection of Michael’s monologues, poems, and shortprose. Some of them were performed live with a band, and can be found on YouTube.

Opportunities to pre-order will be made public over here. In addition you will have the chance to grab one on the occasion of the brothers’ live performances around The Golden State.


Pre-order this second and extended circulation as of now – here.

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