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the absence of humanity

Photo-credit: Elisa Leonelli

«Humanity, you never had it from the beginning. That was my motto.»

― Charles Bukowski, Women

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Bukowski on the absence of humanity

«When things are very very bad, a drink is the only magic cheap thing left to give you the dream, to make you feel good for a moment. Now that I am not poor anymore, things haven’t changed, because the human race is no good. In one of my poems I say: Humanity, you’ve never had it from the beginning. It’s just a feeling I have that everything is being wasted. It’s not life, it’s humanity that bothers me. The trees don’t bother me, the cats don’t bother me, the sun doesn’t bother me. It’s humanity that has failed, that bothers me. Humanity is going to go down the same dumb ignorant path forever. But I’ll get out of it because I’ll kick off and I will be out. This companionship I’m lmiving with now, they don’t thrill me at all.»

Elisa Leonelli interviewed Charles Bukowski and photographed him in his home in San Pedro, the port city of Los Angeles, in 1981.