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mission statement


Newington Blue Press was born in 2020 – when due to the Covid–19 virus and pandemia the centenary Festival on the occasion of what would have been the 100th birthday of Charles Bukowski – to be held in Germany – had to be cancelled. Originally planned as a small, humble replacement only, our anthology of tributes, testimonials and unpublished works – lived up to it’s second volume so far and is to be continued.

In the future (like now) we’ll also start featuring Bukowski’s relatives, acquaintances, friends or single artists working in his vein – in smaller chapbooks exclusively – two of them being ready to get off the starting blocks.

«Some sort of a submission guideline»: Charles Bukowski will turn 100 this year (2020) – at least, what would have been his 100th birthday. We have gathered writers, scholars and graphic artists / photographers from all around the globe in order to celebrate the man Bukowski on the very occasion. Our contributors range from contemporary witnesses / friends of Bukowski – still alive, to emulating artists working in his tradition, scholars who work for or gaining degrees / doctorates on Bukowski to congenial artists esp. in the performing arts who are occopied with the phenomenon of the «poet laureate of skid row» for years. Everybody is free to greet Charles Bukowski in his or her specific way, style and individuality, be it an essay – a photograph or poetry. We would warmly welcome you to take part in our little endeavour, which explicitely aims to blow borders of nations and thus assembles contributions from artists from all continents.