Artwork by John Clark

Although BUK100 issue no.3 had to be cancelled – «BUK101» will be the next publication of Newington Blue Press as kind of a reduced replacement with the reprint of «PRYING» as an insert (contributions by Bukowski, Jack Micheline and Catfish McDaris) – and with addenda by Steven and Michael D. Meloan – all that coming along as a christmas feature, presenting our new artist in residence John Clark (Bukowski letters and artwork) – not to forget Rob Plath and Joan Jobe Smith.

The outsourced Chapbook number 4 «GREGORY CORSO – 10 TIMES A POET» is being compiled and curated by Leon Horton. With contributions by Neeli Cherkovski, Dan Richter, Francis Kuipers, Raymond Foye, Jay Jones and others.

As a New Year edition we are looking forward to Chapbook number 5 («DO NOT BEND») with exclusive material from Linnet Phoenix.