«THE KIND THE PHARAOHS TRY» – a chapbook by Michael and Steven Meloan


«THE KIND THE PHARAOHS TRY» – song lyrics by Steven Meloan and short prose by Michael D. Meloan NUMBER 1 in our new upcoming chapbook – series – COMING SOON – reach out using the (social media) links provided below. In this chapbook you will find the lyrics to some songs written by Steven Meloan and performed and recorded by the Meloan brothers. You’ll also find some of the texts to spoken word pieces written by Michael Meloan. The Meloans’ music emerged during the post-Punk New Wave music era of the early 1980s. It was a time of celebrating the twitchy dorkiness of David Byrne of the Talking Heads and the geek chic of the members of Devo in matching jumpsuits. Big-hair bands were also popular along with spandex and glitter. Dark hardcore bands like Black Flag had their moment as did cheerful girl groups like the Go-Gos. Blondie, the Cars, the Police, Elvis Costello, and others took a quirky new approach to songwriting and sometimes used electronic instruments including drum machines. Steven Meloan’s written work has appeared in Wired, BUZZ, Rolling Stone, Playboy, SF Chronicle, SF Weekly, and SOMA. Michael D. Meloan has written for Wired, BUZZ, the L.A. Weekly, and Joe Frank’s National Public Radio program. The Meloans more recently co-wrote and published a novel called The Shroud. As for nights spent at Bukowski’s, both the Meloans were there a number of times at small intimate gatherings of just a handful of people, and larger backyard parties. Mike and Steven attended both his wedding and his funeral, as Bukowski attended Mike’s wedding reception. Reach out to NEWINGTON BLUE PRESS:

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