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BUK100 issue #3 – «NO BIRTHDAY WITHOUT BUK» (working title)

As from now you can pre-order the third and final issue of BUK100 – «NO BIRTHDAY WITHOUT BUK» (working title): 40 copies of this limited edition are set aside for pre-orders, the release is scheduled for xmas.

The Center Piece / insert will be an exclusive reprint of ‹PRYING› – with poetry by Charles Bukowski, Jack Micheline (courtesy of Vince Silvaer) and Catfish McDaris – the last Chapbook appearance of Charles Bukowski.

– We’re looking forward to your pre-orders – your funds raised will help finance the Chapbook.

Update on the participants of BUK100 (the final) issue number three:

– Neeli Cherkovski (poetry)
– Michael D. Meloan (remembrance speech at the The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens)
– Joan Jobe Smith – four pieces and private photographs
– Steven Meloan (short story ‹Googies›)
– Eric Robert Nolan – ‹Bill And I›
– Rob Verlaine – poetry and private photographs
– Martin Appleby – poetry
– Michael D. Amitin – ‹joe’s smokey bar›
– Bryn Fortey – ‹What Would Bukowski Do?›
– Westley Heine – 2 pieces
– William Barker – 4 poems
– Rob Plath – Toe Tag Poetry
– Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins (Notes of a Dirty Young Woman)

Essays by:

– Justin Florey – ‹Finding Bukowski›
– Chris Bodor
– Kitrell Andis, Writer – ‹What About Bukowski›
– Michael J. North (UK) – ‹Don’t Do It›
– Andrew Moody (Country Squire Magazine) – ‹On Bukowski›
– Steven M. Finger (‹Los Angeles Free Press›)
– Elisa Leonelli (‹San Pedro Today›)

– Artwork by and unpublished correspondence between Bukowski and John Clark.

– Artwork and complimentary bookmark by Brian Whitmore.

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