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here we go

We will start mailing out our chapbook next week: 68 pages – french cut flush binding. A limited edition of 100 numbered copies will be issued. Remember to secure your copy if you haven’t yet done so.

Participants in order of appearance: Lawrence FerlinghettiBob Dylan – Matthew Spindler («Harper Collins Publishers») – Kevin Ring («Beat Scene Magazine») – A. D. Winans – Michael Schuval – Manja Maksimovič – Juan Arabia («Buenos Aires Poetry») – Agustina Pardini – Dan Fante – Charles Bukowski – Tobias Breitner – Marvin Malone («Wormwood Review») – Christa Malone – Nigel Burch – Jerry Cimino («The Beat Museum») – Robert Zverina – R. W. Klarin («Los Angeles Free Press») – Terence Horn – Adam Rock, Esq. – Andreas GlummEric Robert NolanSimon Sahner54books») – Jörg FauserBirgit Böllinger – Benno Käsmayr («Maro Verlag») – Helena Louise RollasonUlvis Alberts – Toms Zvirbulis («Birkenfelds Gallery», Latvia) – Opher GoodwinMichael Jay North – David S. Wills («Beatdom Magazine») – Phil Dodsworth – Jeanine ZweckMatt Dukes JordanMark DK BerryMichael D. MeloanGareth LivesayFalko Hennig («Bukowski Society», Berlin) – and Esmeralda Balita.

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Cheers – Matthias & Rebecca

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  1. Ja, grüß dich. ^^

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