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coming soon: F☆☆K IT by Leia John

Leia John’s debut chapbook, «FUCK IT»: An Explicit Chapbook of Poetry: Described by Dean as: «Refreshing, well-crafted, authentic poetry. With its edge, it challenges, grates, is funny & above & beyond and including the effing and blinding it has a lot to say.»

Leia John is coming !

But be careful – Warning: This Chapbook contains forty pages full of mature content and is not suitable and inappropriate for minors. If you still want it: Pre-orders are taken here.

Artwork by Dean Pasch.

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moods and mods



Things, programs and plans for 2021 we needed to change fundamentally – as follows:

We have started a lower scale, but still exclusive poetry – chapbook series in the high definition quality – that you are used to from our BUK100 series.

Here is our modified program:

  1. «THE KIND THE PHARAOS TRY» (song lyrics and prose by Steven and Michael D. Meloan – introduced by Matt Dukes Jordan – which is already published, place your order here:
  2. «FUCK IT» (explicit poetry by Leia John / NYC) – pre-order here:
  3. «DO NOT BEND» (exclusive poetry by Linnet Phoenix / UK)

– Followed by: «PINBALL WIZARD» – A NOVEL ABOUT LOVE, SEX, JETS AND BUKOWSKI – by @Michael D. Meloan (to be published as trade paperback both in an English and a German edition – translated by Sigune Schnabel )

For the autumn the following
(in no specific order yet):

– «12 Chicago Cabbies»
(streetwise stories by Westley Heine)

– «St. James Infirmary/Googies»
(stories by Steven Meloan)

– Poetry by Monica Mastrantonio

– and a Chapbook honouring Gregory Corso – curated by Leon Horton

Slipping in between will be the downscaled BUK100 issue number 3 with a reprint of ‹PRYING› (poetry by Charles Bukowski / Jack Micheline / Catfish McDaris):

Further contributions by:
– Chris Bodor
– Michael D. Meloan at the
‹Huntington Library›
– A few pieces by Joan Jobe Smith
– Kitrell Andis
– Michael J. North (UK)
– Andrew Moody (‹Country Squire Magazine›)
– Steven M. Finger (‹Los Angeles Free Press›)
– Elisa Leonelli (‹San Pedro Today›)

Calligraphy as always by Brian Whitmore – artwork by Dean Pasch

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Newington Blue Press Store

THE NEWINGTON BLUE PRESS ONLINE STORE WITH THE REMAINING COPIES OF BUK100 (issues #1 and #2) – THE UPCOMING PROJECTS (as for preordering): BUK100 issue #3 – AND THE LINEUP FOR THE FIRST THREE OF THE 2021 STARTING POETRY CHAPBOOK SERIES (featuring Michael D. Meloan, Steven Meloan, Leia John and Linnet Phoenix) is online now and alive. All cover art and illustration will be designed by Dean Pasch – complimentary bookmarks by Brian Whitmore.

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publishing program 2021

We are happy to announce our 2021 summer publishing program – presenting two Ladies’ chapbooks of exclusive poetry by 1. Leia John of Rochester / New York (Poems That Suck) and 2. by Linnet Phoenix of North Somerset, England / United Kingdom. They’re framing Michael D Meloan – who’s novel «Pinball Wizard – (A Story of Love, Sex, Jets, and Bukowski)» we’ll be publishing in mid-summer. So, if you’re not busy getting ready to submit for BUK100 issue No.3 (the last to come) – look forward to the new series of exclusive poetry – and prose of a contemporary witness. Stay tuned !!!

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mission statement


Newington Blue Press was born in 2020 – when due to the Covid–19 virus and pandemia the centenary Festival on the occasion of what would have been the 100th birthday of Charles Bukowski – to be held in Germany – had to be cancelled. Originally planned as a small, humble replacement only, our anthology of tributes, testimonials and unpublished works – lived up to it’s second volume so far and is to be continued.

In the future (like now) we’ll also start featuring Bukowski’s relatives, acquaintances, friends or single artists working in his vein – in smaller chapbooks exclusively – two of them being ready to get off the starting blocks.

«Some sort of a submission guideline»: Charles Bukowski will turn 100 this year (2020) – at least, what would have been his 100th birthday. We have gathered writers, scholars and graphic artists / photographers from all around the globe in order to celebrate the man Bukowski on the very occasion. Our contributors range from contemporary witnesses / friends of Bukowski – still alive, to emulating artists working in his tradition, scholars who work for or gaining degrees / doctorates on Bukowski to congenial artists esp. in the performing arts who are occopied with the phenomenon of the «poet laureate of skid row» for years. Everybody is free to greet Charles Bukowski in his or her specific way, style and individuality, be it an essay – a photograph or poetry. We would warmly welcome you to take part in our little endeavour, which explicitely aims to blow borders of nations and thus assembles contributions from artists from all continents.


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so far

Number two is taking shape – in order of appearance (so far):

  • Number 10, Downing Street
  • Leon Horton
  • Andrew Moody
  • Clint Lukas & Marina Bukowski
  • Brian Rihlmann
  • Shelby Snow
  • Alan Catlin
  • Jenn Hall (photography)
  • Alicia Mathias
  • Monica Mastrantonio
  • Paul Maher Jr.
  • Dean Pasch (artwork)
  • Amy Barry
  • Bruce Hodder
  • Bradford Middleton
  • Bryn Fortey (ill. by Christiane Nebel)
  • Catfish McDaris
  • Dana St. Mary
  • Dan Provost
  • Joan Jobe Smith
  • Linnet Phoenix
  • R. P. Verlaine
  • Melissa Todd
  • Janusz Zalewski
  • Karol Nielsen
  • Matt Dennison (ill. by Christiane Nebel)
  • Eric Robert Nolan
  • Tohm Bakelas
  • Ron Hard
  • Katie LaBelle–Lindert
  • Danny Koslowsky
  • Jay Rohr
  • Tobe Damit
  • John King
  • Michael D. Amitin
  • Sid Yiddish
  • Giovanni Mangiante
  • Gábor G. Gyukics
  • Daniel W. Wright
  • Matt Cooper
  • John Patrick Robbins
  • Leia John
  • Josh Reinwald (artwork)
  • Westley Heine
  • M. Brazfield
  • Matt Micheli
  • Matt Dukes Jordan
  • John Guzlowski
  • Michael D. Meloan (ill. by Christiane Nebel)
  • Brian Whitmore (artwork)
  • Opher Godwin
  • Lee Zimmerman (artwork)
  • John Dorsey
  • Wayne Burke
  • Paul Tanner
  • Hilary King
  • Jack Henry
  • Anggo Genorga
  • Shannon Laws

… and in an Inlay–Supplement the unpublished Bukowski – correspondence with Henry Hughes (of Western Oregon University plus an essay by him) – and with Jami Cassady, the daughter of Neal and Carolyn Cassady.

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as the spirit wanes the form appears

Good evening, folks. Just an update from this side of the great pond: Typesetting and Layout–Works are well under way. Everybody having submitted is represented in issue number 2: There’s been no «rejection slip» so far – including Boris of Number 10 Downing Street (at this point thanks to Lucy Brazier for arousing the very scoopful of Boris’ attention)! Now, there’s been a load of mailing, gibbering and chatting about Newington Blue Press’ future recently – and (…)

«You always get what you want

And you don’t even try

Your friends hate it when it’s always going your way

But I’m glad that you’ve got luck on your side

You’re saying, ‹definitely maybe›

I’m saying, ‹probably no›

You say, ‹you sleep when you’re dead›

I’m scared I’ll die in my sleep

I guess that’s not a bad way to go …»

(…) and we’ve been approached to – and against all original plans, odds and intentions (as to keep it to the Bukowski «birthday greetings») will now continue publishing in terms of a series of Chapbooks – all published alike the BUK100 editions in a «print only» version – 100 limited and numbered copies – featuring singular writers and poets exclusively.

Michael D. Meloan (as for prose) and Leia John (as for poetry) have been made a step forward and been selected to fill the first two volumes.

Note: As our offset–print–shop is shut down from December 23rd – we will produce and ship as from the first week of January 2021.

Take care and stay safe and sane out there!

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preorders (issue #2)

Chinaski caricature from pLopLop magazine #5 (1995) – © John Clark

As payments are dropping in: Here are the formal procedures for your preorder: Net cost (again: this is a non-profit endeavour) will be 15,00 € (due to the larger volume of the Chapbook we slightly raised the price) plus 5,00 € shipping within Europe (or what’s left of it). Overseas shipping is 10,00 €.

Issue No.1 (a few copies are left) is 10,00 €. A combined order of both comes with free shipping. Inquire at and provide delivery address please. For the great cast and line-up visit Facebook.

Way of payment:

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roadworks ahead

To whom it may concern /
to everybody involved:


(I’ll be leaving this institution coming Tuesday and resume and commence roadworks on issue Nummer two of «BUK100»)


all those Saturday
as a boy
are gone
and I look
around this room
and it looks at me
the window panes,
it hangs
from the doornob,
and a gold
of an owl
looks at me
who has had
too many

From: Charles Bukowski
«drink and wait» (1980)

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get the show on the road …

Whilst we are working – due to massive public demand – on the second printing of issue number one («BUK100 – my old man – a birthday greeting») that appeared earlier this year …

… we are accepting and collecting submissions from old acquaintances as well as from newcomers: Abel Debritto, Leon Horton, John Guzlowski and Catfish McDaris to name just a few…

This time we’ve got a fix deadline which is September 1st. So please get in touch with your flash fiction at:

With questions and any other concerns: As always contact or DM Rebecca & Matthias here:

Cheers, Matt & Rebecca

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Buk 100 – My Old Man – A Birthday Greeting

I was honoured to be asked to contribute a poem to this limited edition poetry magazine put together by Matthias Kruger and Rebecca McLeish for Newington Blue Press. The magazine celebrates what would have been Charles Bukowski’s 100th birthday on August 16th 2020. It contains poems, writing and photos by, of, or about Buk. Only […]

Buk 100 – My Old Man – A Birthday Greeting
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the absence of humanity

Photo-credit: Elisa Leonelli

«Humanity, you never had it from the beginning. That was my motto.»

― Charles Bukowski, Women

Right now ― and due to demand ― we are producing a second printing of the first edition. Whoever has ordered ― or is about to: We will deliver ― even though we are already working on issue #2 ― as submissions are dropping in daily and ― as always ― are welcome.

Bukowski on the absence of humanity

«When things are very very bad, a drink is the only magic cheap thing left to give you the dream, to make you feel good for a moment. Now that I am not poor anymore, things haven’t changed, because the human race is no good. In one of my poems I say: Humanity, you’ve never had it from the beginning. It’s just a feeling I have that everything is being wasted. It’s not life, it’s humanity that bothers me. The trees don’t bother me, the cats don’t bother me, the sun doesn’t bother me. It’s humanity that has failed, that bothers me. Humanity is going to go down the same dumb ignorant path forever. But I’ll get out of it because I’ll kick off and I will be out. This companionship I’m lmiving with now, they don’t thrill me at all.»

Elisa Leonelli interviewed Charles Bukowski and photographed him in his home in San Pedro, the port city of Los Angeles, in 1981.

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BUK100 – issue #2

We are running out of reserves now. In case you still want a first edition copy, please hurry. Or place a pre–order: As soon as we have a sufficient number, we will reprint.

Unsere Reserven gehen zu Ende. Wer noch eine Erstausgabe haben möchte, der möge sich beeilen. Oder eine Vorbestellung aufgeben: Sobald wir eine ausreichende Zahl haben, werden wir nachdrucken.

At the same time, we are working on issue number 2 (due and thanks to public feedback and demand): As always – submissions welcome. Find the guidelines, both for ordering and submitting here.

Gleichzeitig arbeiten wir bereits an Ausgabe Nummer 2 (dank öffentlichem Feedback und Nachfrage): Wie immer – Eure Beiträge sind herzlich willkommen. Die Leitlinien zum Bestellen und zur Einreichung findet ihr nach wie vor hier.

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notes of a dirty old birthday …

Bukowski once told Sean Penn in a 1987 Interview magazine piece: «Alcohol is probably one of the greatest things to arrive upon the earth – alongside of me. Yes … these are two of the greatest arrivals upon the surface of the earth. So … we get along.»

Firsts: Our limited and numbered first edition has almost sold out within the first months. Which is great.

Yet: Anybody still wanting a copy is advised to order in time which is ASAP ! (We will indeed reprint upon request – preorder in time please !)

The Second: Subscribers and contributors alike have approached us to come out with a sequel / follow up edition No.2 (submission guidelines see below)

Thirdly: We know that not everyone who’s submitted to issue No.1 made it into the chapbook. You will be in now. And everybody published in issue No.1 is encouraged to come in again: It has been great having you!

So – due to your incredible demand – we are happy to announce a «second coming» – all submission guidelines you’ll find here:

open for submissions

With questions and any other concerns: As always contact or DM Rebecca & Matthias here:


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open for submissions

As the requests for issue no.1 have gone up in the sky – we have received undemanded contributions for a possible sequel / issue no.2 at the same time.

So we’ve decided today to be open for submissions again.

Mind you: This is about, around and related to Charles /Hank Bukowski only.
Get in touch at:
only please !


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well, buk it all !

I received my copy of „Buk 100: My Old Man, A Birthday Greeting“ today, and it looks damned terrific!  This is truly a first-rate chapbook that is professionally produced and filled with poetry and photography that would make Charles Bukowski proud.  It looks beautiful.  You can order your own copy right here to see for […]

Well, Buk it all!
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the bukowski — burch letters

Back in 1983, a penpal friendship began between Charles Bukowski and Nigel Burch, an East London songwriter, musician, poet, and graphic artist — like so many that Bukowski maintained. Burch sent him episodes of his prose poem series «London Liver» and Bukowski wanted to pass them on to John Martin. Nobody knows if that ever happened. In our Chapbook we publish both Bukowski‘s letters to London and Nigel‘s texts for the first time.

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here we go

We will start mailing out our chapbook next week: 68 pages – french cut flush binding. A limited edition of 100 numbered copies will be issued. Remember to secure your copy if you haven’t yet done so.

Participants in order of appearance: Lawrence FerlinghettiBob Dylan – Matthew Spindler («Harper Collins Publishers») – Kevin Ring («Beat Scene Magazine») – A. D. Winans – Michael Schuval – Manja Maksimovič – Juan Arabia («Buenos Aires Poetry») – Agustina Pardini – Dan Fante – Charles Bukowski – Tobias Breitner – Marvin Malone («Wormwood Review») – Christa Malone – Nigel Burch – Jerry Cimino («The Beat Museum») – Robert Zverina – R. W. Klarin («Los Angeles Free Press») – Terence Horn – Adam Rock, Esq. – Andreas GlummEric Robert NolanSimon Sahner54books») – Jörg FauserBirgit Böllinger – Benno Käsmayr («Maro Verlag») – Helena Louise RollasonUlvis Alberts – Toms Zvirbulis («Birkenfelds Gallery», Latvia) – Opher GoodwinMichael Jay North – David S. Wills («Beatdom Magazine») – Phil Dodsworth – Jeanine ZweckMatt Dukes JordanMark DK BerryMichael D. MeloanGareth LivesayFalko Hennig («Bukowski Society», Berlin) – and Esmeralda Balita.

For your orders get in touch here

or give us a shout at

Cheers – Matthias & Rebecca

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sail ahoy: land in sight!

«… and the sailors have taken over the ship.» As the last submissions are undergoing layout works – two things are worth mentioning: We have become far more participants than we planned when we started the project six months ago. Secondly: We’ll have a voluminous yet wonderful birthday greeting chapbook for Hank.

Thank you all for taking part and your patience. It’s worth it.

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we’re taking off …

This Is Ground Control To Major Hank

You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet, still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

— Franz Kafka

«Poetry is Van Gogh’s ear echoing with all the blood of the world.»

— Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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we are on it …

«A prayer provides us with a moment in time where we can contemplate the things that are important to us, and this watchful application of our attention can manifest these essential needs. The act of prayer asks of us something and by doing so delivers much in return — it asks us to present ourselves to the unknown as we are, devoid of pretence and affectation, and to contemplate exactly what it is we love or cherish. Through this conversation with our inner self we confront the nature of our own existence.»

Read on at Nick Cave’s The Red Hand Files

We are on it against all odds.

Our debut issue will be available in the course of May. Stay tuned.