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as the spirit wanes the form appears

Good evening, folks. Just an update from this side of the great pond: Typesetting and Layout–Works are well under way. Everybody having submitted is represented in issue number 2: There’s been no «rejection slip» so far – including Boris of Number 10 Downing Street (at this point thanks to Lucy Brazier for arousing the very scoopful of Boris’ attention)! Now, there’s been a load of mailing, gibbering and chatting about Newington Blue Press’ future recently – and (…)

«You always get what you want

And you don’t even try

Your friends hate it when it’s always going your way

But I’m glad that you’ve got luck on your side

You’re saying, ‹definitely maybe›

I’m saying, ‹probably no›

You say, ‹you sleep when you’re dead›

I’m scared I’ll die in my sleep

I guess that’s not a bad way to go …»

(…) and we’ve been approached to – and against all original plans, odds and intentions (as to keep it to the Bukowski «birthday greetings») will now continue publishing in terms of a series of Chapbooks – all published alike the BUK100 editions in a «print only» version – 100 limited and numbered copies – featuring singular writers and poets exclusively.

Michael D. Meloan (as for prose) and Leia John (as for poetry) have been made a step forward and been selected to fill the first two volumes.

Note: As our offset–print–shop is shut down from December 23rd – we will produce and ship as from the first week of January 2021.

Take care and stay safe and sane out there!

2 thoughts on “as the spirit wanes the form appears

  1. Great Stuff Matt. I hope you are now fully well!
    How do I pay for this excellent piece of product?

    1. Hi Oph. All you need to know to pre-order, you’ll find here! Cheers.

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