sales update

Photo by Sam Cherry – © and courtesy of the Sam Cherry Archives «THE KIND THE PHARAOHS TRY» – a chapbook by Michael and Steven Meloan (0 copies of 100 remaining – out of stock / sold out) «12 CHICAGO CABBIES» by Westley Heine – 29 of 100 copies remaining (Sale: 8,80 USD) «FUCK IT»… Continue reading sales update


«PINBALL WIZARD: A STORY ABOUT SEX, JETS AND BUKOWSKI»: By Michael D. Meloan – PRE-ORDERS taken now. Newington Blue Press is preparing an English and German version (translated by Sigune Schnabel). Thanks for your patience.


Although BUK100 issue no.3 had to be cancelled – «BUK101» will be the next publication of Newington Blue Press as kind of a reduced replacement with the reprint of «PRYING» as an insert (contributions by Bukowski, Jack Micheline and Catfish McDaris) – and with addenda by Steven and Michael D. Meloan – all that coming… Continue reading PRYING / BUK101

Punk Poetry

«For me, the best writing both illuminates and inspires. Leia’s work manages to do both – shining a gritty light on aspects of the human experience that often go unexplored (as she says, “with no punches pulled”), while inspiring the reader to see the world through new eyes. And all with a true poet’s way… Continue reading Punk Poetry


Editing is like writing: Analogue is better. And for this reason we decided to go this way. Because it is better. Our social media channels are no longer used regularly with immediate effect. We also switched off the Facebook subsidiaries immediately. The following products are still available until they are sold out: «12 CHICAGO CABBIES»… Continue reading Break